Article Pitch

Part of my journalism course involves submitting a pitch for each article we create. Below is the pitch for my next article, which I’m in the process of finishing.

I have an article about the recent IT Pricing Inquiry, but focusing specifically on Adobe, and university students. My article looks at how higher prices in Australia for Adobe products affect university students, and have the potential to put them at a disadvantage on the global stage.

This article has a fresh perspective on the Pricing Inquiry, in examining the ramifications of international pricing discrimination with regards to Australian university students, and how this may under prepare them for real-world occupations. This topic is also relevant in the light of the funding cuts that Australian universities will soon be facing, as the proposed cuts will make it even harder for university students to access the expensive technologies and equipment they need to complete their courses.

As a university student myself, enrolled in a course which requires extensive use of several Adobe products, I feel uniquely placed to discuss this article, and its affect on the every day student. However I am not just basing my article on my own experiences, Carl Smith, a UQ graduate and part-time ABC employee is willing to speak to me about this issue, and give a first person account of how it affected him, and may affect others. I have been emailing a Choice representative for comment, as Choice has been vocal in calling for an IT Pricing Inquiry. I have also arranged for an interview with Dr Sean Rintel, a lecturer at UQ with an interest in the interactions between new technologies and culture and society, which will give my article additional weight.

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