4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 2)

  • Freedom Flotilla Welcomed To Brisbane.
  • Painkiller Misuse Cause Of Deaths In Outback NSW
  • Anti-Hendra research set back by six months
  • UQ Union Elections Underway
  • Brisbane oil spill ensnares birds
  • Mars rover to celebrate arrival anniversary

Freedom Flotilla Welcomed To Brisbane
At 4pm today the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy will welcome members of the Freedom Flotilla, who are staying are staying at the Embassy before continuing their journey north.
The Flotilla, which began its journey at Lake Eyre, is bringing water collected from the lake to West Papua, to be reunited with its headwaters in a symbolic gesture of peace. The Freedom Flotilla aims to draw attention to the genocide that has been occurring in West Papua since its occupation by Indonesia in 1971.

Painkiller Misuse Cause Of Deaths In Outback NSW
After misuse of the painkiller Fentanyl caused a series of deaths in western New South Wales, the Australian Medical Association has called for a ‘national opiate script tracking system’.
The AMA claims a tracking system such as the one implemented in Tasmania, would stop people from getting multiple prescriptions for Fentanyl, leading to fewer deaths from overdoses. The drug, which is 100 times more powerful than morphine, is only available in Australia with a doctor’s prescription.

Brisbane Square To Be Transformed As Part Of Engineering Week Celebrations
On the 6th of August prepare to see the Brisbane Square transformed, as corporate teams of six take part in a global competition to create structures out of cans of food.
This is the first time the event has been held in Queensland, and has been timed to coincide with Australian Engineering Week celebrations. Once the competition has finished over 20,000 of the cans used will be donated to the charity Food Bank. The event will take place over 11 hours from 7am, and aims to provide a way to highlight engineers’ role in society.

Cancer vaccine to be tested on humans
A cancer vaccine that has been helping treat dogs could be used on humans, clinical trials have shown.
The vaccine has been tested on 30 dogs with advanced melanomas, bone or liver cancers, where it slowed or even stopped the growth of tumors. Researchers say the same effect should be seen in humans, however they also note that more trials will need to be undertaken, hopefully within twelve months.

Anti-Hendra research set back by six months
Researchers creating a more durable version of the Hendra virus vaccine have been set back approximately six months after there was a problem with a vial used in lab trials.
The current vaccine only protects horses for six months, and costs $100 per animal, which had the industry hoping for a longer lasting vaccine. The virus, which kills all animals and half of the humans it infects, has only been preventable via vaccine for the past two years.

Brisbane oil spill ensnares birds
The aftermath of the Sunday night oil spill at the port of Brisbane is still being felt, with authorities warning that animals remain at risk until the area has been fully cleaned up.
So far five birds, including pelicans and cormorants, have been affected by the spill, but only one has been caught and treated. The slick, which reached a length of 1,400 meters, was not likely to register to the native bird life as a danger, environmental spokesperson Mike Short said, leading to the possibility other birds have also been affected by it.

UQ Union Elections Underway
Union elections are once again underway at the University of Queensland.
Last year’s election was marred by allegations that the incumbent party Fresh had unfairly changed legislation to block other candidates from running. Currently only two major parties are running, the incumbent Fresh, and Reform, as well as 9 independents. Voting booths open this Monday and will remain open for the rest of that week.

Residents Invited to Attend ‘Politics at the Pub’
Next Wednesday at 6pm locals will have the chance to mingle with the Federal candidates running in the Brisbane electorate, at a community forum held at the Brisbane Powerhouse.
The politicians attending include Labor candidate Fiona McNamara, Greens candidate Rachael Jacobs, the Katter Australia Party candidate Connie Cicchini, and Palmer’s United Party candidate Veronica Ford. Candidates from the LNP and the Socialist Alliance will also be in attendance. The event has been titled ‘Politics in the Pub’ and is being billed as an opportunity for the community to directly access and address their local politicians.

Mars rover to celebrate arrival anniversary
Next Tuesday marks the first anniversary of the Curiosity rover’s arrival on Mars.
Earlier this month Curiosity reached another milestone, having driven a total of 1 kilometer. The rover’s mission is to seek out life on Mars and to examine its environment, boldly going where no man has gone before.

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