4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 5)

  • Queensland Multicultural Week Nearing
  • Report Released on Australian Air Quality
  • Recreational Fishing Survey Released
  • ‘The Queensland Plan’ Deadline Looms
  • New Initiative for Young Tech-Heads
  • Nigerian Islamist Leader Shot Dead
  • New Hope For Breast Cancer Patients
  • $100,000 Funding Announced for Fortitude Valley
  • Journalist’s Partner Held for Nine Hours (and the journalists’s response)

Queensland Multicultural Week Nearing
Queensland’s annual Multicultural Week is nearing again, this year running from the 31st August to the 8th of September.
The event is billed as a celebration of Queensland’s diversity, and will announce  the winners of the 2013 Queensland Multicultural Awards. The ‘Babble-on’ event will be held at the Queensland State Library as part of the week, and will feature musicians and artists creating stories and music in different languages.

Report Released on Australian Air Quality
The senate inquiry into the health implications of air quality in Australia was released yesterday.
The inquiry highlighted the health problems coal dust pollution brings, and has the Oakey Coal Action Alliance calling for immediate legislation on the issue. The Queensland government has said it will consider the recommendations of the report, but have not committed to any action.

Recreational Fishing Survey Released
The state government has released a survey to more than 13,000 Queensland households to learn their views on recreational fishing.
The survey is part of a plan to improve the sustainability of marine resources and to better support regional fishing communities. The survey builds in the previous 2010 survey, and is part of the Newman government’s election commitment to enhance recreational fishing monitoring.

‘The Queensland Plan’ Deadline Looms
There are less than two weeks left to contribute to ‘The Queensland Plan’, which currently has more than 33,000 respondents and will close on the 30th of August.
The Plan provides a place for Queenslanders to express their long-term priorities for the government to hear. School children are also being given the opportunity to add their vision of the future to the Plan, as part of the school engagement program. So far, major themes identified have included education reform and increasing community involvement.

New Initiative for Young Tech-Heads
Australian technology site Learnable.com is offering 10 million dollars worth of free computer training to 10,000 Australian students.
The site will teach students how to code and operate programs such as the adobe suite, wordpress, ruby, html5, bootstrap and javascript. The free subscription will last for three years and has been described by Malcolm Turnbull as a ‘great initiative’.

Nigerian Islamist Leader Shot Dead
The Nigerian army is claiming the leader of the notorious Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, has died after being shot in a conflict between the two groups.
Observers are doubting these claims however, due to a lack of evidence. Shekau, who has a 7 million dollar bounty on his head from the US, is said to have been shot late last month, dying early this month despite medical attention. The group sparked civil war in the country in 2009, after attempting to depose the government.

Flood Information Days Announced
A Producers and Small Business Operators flood information and assistance day will be held tomorrow at Glenore Grove and on Thursday at Mulgowie.
A range of agencies will attend the event to answer residents’ questions about grants and disaster loans, and other environmental issues.The Mayor has encouraged people to book the agencies prior to the event, to ensure they have the time to ask them their questions. The event will be held from 8.30am to 4pm on both days.

New Hope for Breast Cancer Patients
The Griffith Health Institute has been researching new methods of fighting breast cancer, using immune-based therapies.
The institute is focuses on cancer stem-like cells, which are more likely to reform after the original cancer has been beaten, using immunotherapy. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women, accounting for nearly a third of all new cancer cases.

Public Forum Scheduled This Evening
Another public forum is being held this evening at the Queensland Academy for Creative Industries’ auditorium, at 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove.
The forum is another opportunity for members of the public to meet and talk to candidates for the seat of Brisbane from all ends of the political spectrum, in an event arranged by the GetUp organisation. Doors will open from 7pm, with the event scheduled to start at 7.30 and ending at 9.30pm.

$100,000 Funding Announced for Fortitude Valley
The Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Julie Bishop, and Teresa Gambaro, the federal member for Brisbane, last week announced 100,000 dollars in funding for different projects in Fortitude Valley.
The funding has been announced as part of the Coalition’s ‘Plan for Safer Streets’ and will go towards crime prevention, as well as community safety initiatives.

National Child Protection Week Set For September
The first week of September is National Child Protection Week.
That Friday, September 6, is the date set for Braveheart’s annual White Balloon day, a day to raise funds going towards education, prevention and counselling programs for children. Bravehearts is calling for people to wear white on White Balloon day, to mark their support for victims of child abuse.

Journalist’s Partner Held for Nine Hours
The partner of a journalist who helped publicise the information revealed by Edward Snowden was held for 9 hours on Sunday at a British airport.
David Miranda, a Brazilian national, was held under Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act, was not given access to a lawyer and had his electronic devices confiscated. Amnesty International has accused British Authorities of operating under the directions of the US in what they describe as ‘unwarranted revenge tactics’.

Journalist Responds To Partner’s Detainment
The journalist who’s partner was detained for 9 hours in Heathrow airport has said the detention was an attempt to intimidate him into silence.
Glenn Greenwald has said he is only more determined to report on the British government’s surveillance programs, and that they ‘will regret what they have done’. Brazil’s government has also complained about the detaining of one of their citizens.

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