4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 8)

  • Freedom Flotilla Faces Armed Resistance
  • UQU Now ‘Reformed’
  • New Research Into Causes of LGBTI Suicide
  • Shock Find of New Van Gogh
  • State Government Slashing Funds From Cross-River Rail
  • Qld Suicide Rates Slowly Dropping
  • Australia Bids Farewell to Last F-111
  • Lead Monitoring Offline in Mt Isa

Freedom Flotilla Faces Armed Resistance
The Freedom Flotilla, which 4zzz reported on last month, is set to reach West Papua in a few days.
However there are confirmed reports of at least 2,500 Indonesian troops massing at the Flotilla’s final destination of Merakue. Incoming Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been quoted as saying the Indonesian military may do ‘whatever it wishes’ against the Freedom Flotilla, which reportedly may include lethal force. The Freedom Flotilla aims to draw attention to the genocide that has been occurring in West Papua since its occupation by Indonesia in 1971.

UQU Now ‘Reformed’
The University of Queensland Union, colloquially known as UQU, is currently witnessing a change in leadership, with all the votes counted in the annual elections.
The winners were recently formed party ‘Reform’, who beat out incumbent party ‘Fresh’, on a platform of free breakfasts, a dumpling house, and ‘fair and transparent elections’. Despite a 5 dollar incentive in the form of a voucher, only one third of the student body voted.

Snake Alert for Summer
The Saint John’s Ambulance service is warning people that snakes are already waking up and on the move in the first few weeks of Spring.
As I’m sure we’re all aware, everything in Australia wants to kill us, so it comes as no surprise that Australia hosts 20 out of 25 of the worlds most dangerous snakes. Snake bites cause 2 to 3 deaths each year, largely because symptoms can take an hour or more to appear after a person is bitten. Saint John’s Ambulance service is advising people to get medical attention as soon as they are bitten.

New Research Into Causes of LGBTI Suicide
Griffith University’s Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention are undertaking research into the circumstances surrounding lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) suicide.
The research involves interviewing people who have attempted suicide to see if their sexuality or gender identity affected their decision to die. The research will be discussed by project heard Dr Skerrett at the World Suicide Prevention Day Forum in Brisbane, today.

Time Running Out for Submissions to Parklands PDA
There is less than a week left for the public to make a submission to the development scheme for the Parklands Priority Development Area in the Gold Coast.
The Parklands PDA is a guide for construction of the Commonwealth Games Village, and sets out land use and future infrastructure and development planned for the area. The Gold Coast will be hosting the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and the opportunity for the public to have their say on the proposed development scheme ends on September the 13th.

New Rules for SA Courts
New rules in South Australia’s courts may see journalists and lawyers tweeting the latest case results.
The new supreme court rules will allow the use of electronic devices to take notes, communicate and conduct research, meaning the public will have more immediate knowledge on verdicts, sentences and bail applications. However there will remain a 15 minute delay on reporting on evidence or submissions, in case anything needs to be suppressed.

Proposed Funds Increase for Agricultural Research
The Queensland Farmers Federation are holding the new federal Coalition Government to their promise to provide a $100 million dollar increase on top of existing funding for agricultural research and development.
The funds would be the first major increase for agricultural research in more than a decade, and would go towards rebates for small exporters, as well as bio-security and quarantine measures.

Shock Find of New Van Gogh
In what is being described as a ‘once in a lifetime find’, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has unveiled a heretofore undiscovered Van Gogh painting.
The painting was originally bought in 1908 by a Norwegian collector who later assumed the artwork was a fraud. The painting was authenticated by researchers who compared it to Van Gogh’s other works, and a letter he wrote in which he described the painting. The oil landscape, titled ‘Sunset at Montmajour’, depicts clusters of oak trees, and is thought to have been painted around 1888.

State Government Slashing Funds From Cross-River Rail
The Queensland Government is investigating cheaper ways of building a cross-river rail, now that Commonwealth funding will not be supplied for the project.
Premier Newman has said they have already ‘stripped billions of dollars’ from the cross-river rail project, however the Treasurer has yet to announce precisely where the money for the project is coming from. Opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk is demanding the government release a timetable for the plan.

Qld Suicide Rates Slowly Declining
Data released by the Queensland Suicide Register reveals that suicide rates in Queensland have declined over the past decade.
The news, plus further data collated by the Queensland Suicide Register, will be presented today at the World Suicide Prevention Day Forum in Brisbane. Currently, about 14 people per 100,000 commit suicide in Queensland, although this number is higher for men, at about 21 per 100,000 people, and lower for women, at about 7 suicides per 100,00 people.

Australia Bids Farewell to Last F-111
The last F-111 owned by the Royal Australian Air Force is being shipped from the Amberley air base to Hawaii, where it will be shown at the Pacific Air Museum at Pearl Harbour.
The RAAF originally purchased 43 of the jets, which were nicknamed ‘the pig’ due to their maneuverability. The jets, made famous for the ‘dump and burns’ they performed at Brisbane’s annual Riverfire, were officially retired in 2010, and the few that remain can be found in museums around Australia.

Lead Monitoring Off-line in Mount Isa
Equipment in Mount Isa used to monitor lead quantities in the air has been offline since January, the Environment Department confirmed today.
The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection office in Mount Isa had been closed last December, and since then workers have had to be flown in once a month. Environment Minister Andrew Powell said that the monitoring unit was to be handled by an independent contractor, but when that arrangement fell through the unit was left offline, and he was working to fix the situation.

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