4zzz Headlines (Pt. 12)

  • ‘Bikie-Only’ Prison a Possibility for Qld
  • Cancer Risk Higher in Indigenous Australians
  • 1 in 4 Aussies Face Loss of Identity
  • New Device to Lower Insurance
  • Four kidnapped aid workers released
  • Going Bush May not be Better: New Report
  • Moreton Bay Dugongs Like New Mooring System
  • Africa misses good governance award

‘Bikie-Only’ Prison a Possibility for Qld
The new ‘anti-bikie’ legislation soon to be released by the State Government includes plans to establish a ‘bikie only’ prison, at the Woodford Correctional Centre, where inmates will be kept in their cells for up to 23 hours a day.
The legislation is part of a raft of bikie-related reforms, which ranges from disallowing gang members from owning tattoo parlours, to granting new powers to the Crime and Misconduct Commission. The new prison aims to separate bikies from the rest of the prison population, to prevent gang recruitment.

Cancer Risk Higher in Indigenous Australians
A study released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare shows that Indigenous Australians are at greater risk of having cancer, and are 50 per cent more likely to die from it than non-Indigenous Australians.
A spokesperson for the Cancer Council says the report highlights the need for health agencies to work more closely with Indigenous communities, through the development of culturally appropriate strategies in collaboration with Indigenous people.

1 in 4 Aussies Face Loss of Identity
New figures show that almost one in four Australians have been or know someone who has been a victim of identity theft.
Surprisingly, more than half of these cases are the result of a loss of mail or credit or debit cards, rather than information discovered through social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Privacy experts warn that Australians are becoming more careless with their personal documents, and that the best way to stop identity theft is to make use of a shredder.

New Device to Lower Insurance
A new device which measures a driver’s driving habits could also affect insurance premiums, if it is introduced in Australia.
The device, named the ‘Insurance Box’, monitors how drivers behave while behind the wheel to calculate their ‘driver safety score’, meaning insurance costs could be based on this data rather than generic age brackets and gender groupings. The creator of the device, Frank Peppard, says it is already in use overseas and is especially popular with young drivers.

Four Kidnapped Aid Workers Released
Four of the seven kidnapped aid workers in Syria have been released by their captors.
The group, which consisted of six Red Cross workers and a Red Crescent colleague, were on their way back to Damascus when they were allegedly taken by the Al Qaeda affiliated group the Levenant, in cooperation with the group the Islamic State of Iraq. The workers had been on a mission to supply medical aid to the rebel-held region of Idlib.

Going Bush May not be Better: New Report
A new report has been released highlighting the dramatic difference in quality of life between capital cities and rural and regional Australia.
The report, ‘A snapshot of poverty in rural and regional Australia’, examines why people in country areas of Australia are prevented from reaching the basic standard of living, as well as the lack of access to services which metropolitan Australians take for granted. The report shows that people in rural and regional Australia have less access to dental and health care, education and work opportunities, as well as access to quality food and recreation. More than two million people live below the poverty line in Australia.

Stroke Risk Higher than Half
More than half of all Australians are at risk of having a stroke, a new survey shows.
Only 42 per cent of Australians monitor their heart rate and rhythm, which provides an indicator of whether or not your heart is in trouble or at risk of Atrial Fibrillation. While the survey shows 90 per cent of Australians know about their blood pressure, the CEO of the Atrial Fibrillation Association, Trudie Lobban, says that something as simple as knowing your heart rate could save your life.

Moreton Bay Dugongs Like New Mooring System
A new type of boat mooring system is being trialled in Queensland waters such as Moreton Bay, aiming to protect endangered sea-grass habitats.
About 15 per cent of the sea grass in Moreton Bay had been destroyed by traditional boat mooring methods, or about 120 hectares. The new system, which involves floating plastic ropes and buoys, is seeing the grass regrow, bringing dugongs back in droves. Approximately 1000 dugongs make their home in Moreton Bay.

Africa Misses Good Governance Award
For the fourth year in a row, the African Mo Ibrahim prize for good governance has been awarded to none of Africa’s leaders, in a state of affairs the prize committee described as ‘worrying’.
The $5.4 million prize was established seven years ago, and can only be awarded to a democratically elected leader who governed well, raised living standards and left office voluntarily. However, despite the lack of a winner, the foundation said that nearly all Africans are living in a better governed country than at the start of the century.

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