News 17-18th October 2014

Residents of a luxury Tweed Heads resort are battling property developers over their rotting, rusting and leaking apartments.

The Courier Mail reports the Silverstone apartment complex is in danger of being condemned five years after being built, due to hundreds of defects, including corrosion and rust, mould, cracks, and rot.

Residents – who paid up to 900,000 dollars per apartment – say the stress of the situation and the legal battle has led to divorces, illness, and the death of at least two apartment owners.

The legal battle is expected to go to mediation next year.

The Australian Heart Foundation says that Australian children aren’t getting enough physical activity, and it’s affecting their health.

Activity spokesperson Trevor Shilton warns that unless active measures are taken by the government and schools, Australia will take the ‘gold medal’ for the world’s fattest


Keep your eyes peeled this weekend, as a ‘monster’ comet – as big as a mountain – speeds by Mars at more than 200,000 kilometres an hour.

The comet Siding Spring, named for the Australian observatory that first spotted it, is arriving from outside this solar system, and carries data on the beginnings of life on earth.

Australian astronomer Dave Reneke says the comet is massive.


Meanwhile, a new report says almost 200,000 Queenslanders, nearly a third children,
rely on charities for meals each month.

Foodbank Australia spokesperson Sarah Pennell says the problem is worse than that. Australia-wide, more than 10,000 children are going to bed without dinner each night, because supporting charities are understocked.

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