Australian government focusing in on Syria

The Australian government has announced this week they are considering expanding their military mission to Syria, after requests from the US. I spoke to Dr Denis Dragovic, an Islamic State expert from the University of Melbourne, about what this expansion would mean for Australia, and the middle east.

Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy ‘trespassing’ on Aboriginal land

The Block in Redfern, Sydney was one of the first parts of urban Australia to be formally returned to Aboriginal people. The NSW Supreme Court has now ruled that the Redfern Aboriginal Tent Embassy is trespassing on Aboriginal land, after it was established on The Block last year, after the Aboriginal Housing Company put forward a planning proposal for a $70 million dollar commercial development on the site. I spoke to Greens NSW spokesperson for Aboriginal Justice, David Shoebridge, who is calling on all levels of government to step up and ensure Aboriginal housing is funded on The Block.

You better beelieve the bees are dying

The global bee population is declining, and we don’t know why, but scientists with the CSIRO are teaming up with The Global Initiative for Honey Bee Health to look for the reason. Australian team leader Dr Paulo de Souza spoke about the initiative, the honey of their labour, and how they got the bees to beehave…

New speaker means changes for parliament

Bronwyn Bishop has been relegated to the back benches as Tony Smith takes on his new role as Speaker of the House of Reps. I spoke to Nick Reece, Public Policy Fellow at the University of Melbourne, about what we can expect to see from this speaker, and what effects the recent debacle may have had on government.

Greens call for indigenous conferences on constitutional recognition

Prime Minister Tony Abbott is facing criticism following his decision to reject plans for Indigenous led talks on constitutional recognition. Mr Abbott said he is in favour of building a national consensus rather than simply an Indigenous one, to avoid producing a ‘log of claims’. I spoke to Rachel Siewart, the Greens senator for Western Australia, and spokesperson for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues, about this.