New program heralding school success in indigenous communities

A pilot program in remote Aboriginal communities has made great progress to improve school attendance by involving community leaders and Indigenous rangers to teach students about customary knowledge, culture, and literacy and numeracy. Dr William Fogarty is head of an ANU review of the program, and he spoke about what this review of the project found.

Senate to investigate changes to workplace leave

The Green’s have commended the senate’s move to open an inquiry into a National Portable Entitlements Scheme. The inquiry would examine the possibility of changing long service leave, so that workers’ time is counted across their total employment time in the industry, rather than their time in one particular job. Greens Employment and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt says the inquiry is something the Greens have been working towards for a long time now.

Calls for better Medicare coverage in prisons

Despite prisoners having some of the highest rates of mental illness and communicable diseases, Medicare exclusions mean that they are rarely able to access appropriate health services before they return to the community. Researchers have found prisoners are missing out on certain treatments and medications, as they are too expensive to provide without access to Medicare. I spoke to Professor Stuart Kinner, whose research on this topic was  published this week.

Greens call for faster action on car emmissions

The Turnbull Government has this week announced a Ministerial Forum to look at vehicle emissions standards. However they have also announced any changes made will not be implemented until after March 2017. Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens Deputy Leader and climate change spokesperson, says the government’s inaction on this issue is unconscionable.