Mardi Gras, ALP clashes with No Pride In Detention

The 2016 Mardi Gras saw tensions rise between the ‘No Pride in Detention’ float, which is advocating for the abolition of detention, especially for queer refugees, and the rainbow ALP float.

No Pride in Detention organiser Evan says they were nearly removed from the parade after false accusations of harassment.

In a statement, Mardi Gras CEO Michele Bauer said NSW Police had reported an “unacceptable level of harassment” from the No Pride members. She went on to say the decision to remove the No Pride in Detention float from its original position was “the best course of action to ensure both parties were able to march and spread their individual messages to the world while maintaining safety for all marchers.”

A member of the float recorded Mardi Gras’ interaction with float organisers, which can be viewed here

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