Windy city

Strong winds uprooted trees, ripped shade sails, and damaged houses and cars in the Silver City yesterday.

State Emergency Service’s Darren Larkin said the wild weather had lifted roofs but the rescue crew’s primary task yesterday was sandbagging.

“Council is looking after some of the fallen trees, but we’ve also had some verandas lifted up and sheds flying off that we’re taking care of,” Mr Larkin said.

“Just be patient with the SES, and we will get to you.” 

Gusts of up to 70km/h were recorded in the area, but they are expected to lessen in the next few days.

Lane Street resident Jordan Hunter was a victim of the storm’s fury when it lifted a large tree out of the ground and dropped it on his Holden Commodore.

“You just have to take these things in your stride,” Mr Hunter said.

“I wasn’t too stressed,” he said.

“Me and my partner have two cars, so we will make it work.

“My job is a floor manager at Harvey Norman, so I’ve only got about three blocks to walk, so it’ll just be a pain waiting for insurance.”

Westside Plaza manager Leeann Clogg said shade sails at the Westside Plaza were damaged by the heavy wind, and had been removed by tradesmen.

“This doesn’t affect the rest of the car park though,” Ms Clogg said.

To request sandbags delivered to your house, or other assistance, call the SES on 13 25 00.