Gold in pink and blue

Two dump trucks at the Portia gold mine across the border in South Australia have been painted pink and blue in support of two cancer-focused charities.

The paint job was suggested by Ben Clifford, who also organised the charity auction which closed on Wednesday night.

“The original idea was just to have a blue truck, but instead of just doing one blue one, we thought we’d do one pink as well,” said Mr Clifford, who works at the gold mine.

“We were originally going to do two fundraisers, but now we’ve done a joint fundraiser for the both of them.”

The two 100 ton Caterpillar Dump trucks are raising awareness and support for Blue September, which focuses on prostate cancer, and Pink Ribbon, which is about breast cancer.

The trucks are also ‘siblings’, meaning they were bought at the same time and have done roughly the same number of hours, which is why they were the two chosen.

“We’ve got 60 people on site at any one time, and men tend to not want to see a doctor,” said Mr Clifford.

“Just some awareness of what cancer can do and what preventative measures can be taken is important. I’ve had a bit of a talk with a few of the crews about things to look out for and when they should be going to see doctors or whatever, just some general awareness stuff,” he said.

“I’ve had a fair bit of interest from them about it which is good, and it’s good to see some money raised for a good cause.”