Treats to fund trip

Kelsey Graham stands in front of the counter at the Caff, which has generously offered to hold a fundraiser for her Germany exchange trip.

High schooler Kelsey Graham will have to brush up on her German as she prepares for a school exchange to the city of Rosenheim.

The year 10 student currently works at The Caff on Thomas Street, which is holding a bake sale this Saturday to support her trip.

“The Caff’s donating all the goods and ingredients to help with the sale, it’s really good,” said Kelsey.

While she hasn’t had much practice speaking German, Kelsey is excited for the opportunity.

Rosenheim, located in upper Bavaria close to the Austrian border, is home to more than 60,000 people.

The three month exchange trip, while supported by her school, was researched and organised by Kelsey herself.

“It sounded like something that would be a good experience so I researched into it and found something that suited me,” she explained.

Cakes and other sweet treats will be available to buy from 9am on Saturday morning, on the footpath outside The Caff.

The proceeds of the sale will go towards supporting Kelsey on her exchange trip.