Silverton green thumb out-blooms competition

The annual Garden Competition is over for another year, and this year a garden in Silverton took out several prizes.

It was the first time a resident of Silverton has entered the competition, and organiser and judge Bob Pascoe said the gardens were quite impressive.

Helen Murray, who also runs Silverton Photography, took out first place in Best Spring Flowers, and second place in Best Front Garden Large in the Silver City Garden Club’s 2017 Garden Competition.

“We judge gardens from five categories; first impressions, health of the plants, variety of the plants, colours, and garden layout,” Mr Pascoe said.

“First impression really sets up the whole garden for you, so that’s an important one.

“You get marks out of five for each section, and we add up each section for a total and then average our scores from the four judges who view the garden.”

There were 25 entries in this year’s garden competition, and Mr Pascoe said the standard of each garden was very high.

Mrs Murray said it was a last minute decision to enter the competition, after visitors to her garden mentioned she should do so.

“I didn’t know if I was eligible living in Silverton, but I put an entry in anyway and then on Monday they came out,” Mrs Murray said.

“My husband was reading the paper on Wednesday and said I’d won a prize and I said ‘have I?’.

“I think the judges were a little surprised to see what we have out here, and I was surprised to win, but it was nice.

“It wasn’t about the winning, but it’s nice since I do open the garden to people so now I can say I’ve won a competition with my garden.”

Mrs Murray said she’ll be entering again next year, so Broken Hill gardeners will have some new competition to look out for.

Mr Pascoe said he encourages everyone with a garden to enter next year, and to get involved with the club.

“We had two new people judging this year and they really enjoyed it,” Mr Pascoe said.

“We’re quite happy to have new people join our club, we’re mostly older people and we’d love to have some younger people join us.”