Ride to Copi

A local man will be cycling from Broken Hill to Menindee next weekend to raise awareness and funding for Motor Neuron Disease.

Greg Maxwell has motor neuron disease and said he wants to use what time he has left to help raise funds to research the disease.

“I just thought I need to do something while I can rather than taking the path of doom and gloom, so I decided to invest in a trike,” Mr Maxwell said.

“I want to create awareness and get some funds happening to help find a cure for motor neuron disease,” he said.

“It’s not about me, chances are they won’t find a cure in my lifetime because I’ve only got two to five years, but for others, nobody needs to go through this disease.

“It doesn’t just affect me, it affects my family too.”

Two local clubs, the Lions Club and Quota Club, have already donated $500 each to the cause, and the Y’s Men have donated 60 shirts to be used for fundraising.

Mr Maxwell has also set up a GoFundMe account, which has raised just over $2000 so far, which will all go towards institutes researching the disease.

He’ll be starting his ride at 7am outside the Workies Club on Saturday, October 14, and stopping for the night at Copi Hollow, before continuing to Menindee on Sunday.

His partner Diane said people are more than welcome to join him on his ride, or meet up with them at Copi Hollow or the next day at Menindee.

“We’ll have a bit of a get together at Copi Hollow and camp the night there, then on Sunday we’ll do the last leg to Menindee,” Diane said.

“We’ll also be selling the printed shirts donated by the Y’s Men for $20 each, and that money will go back into the fundraising,” she said.

“We just want to thank everyone who’s helped out already, the Y’s Men, the Lions Club and Quota Club, and everyone who’s donated.

“This is the first ride, but it won’t be the last.”