Testing days are underway

It’s the time of year when year 12 students across the state commiserate over the shared pain of weeks of HSC tests.

The exams started on Monday and will take place over the next three weeks, ending in the first week of November.

The first two days saw students sit their English and Advanced English exams which involved the analysis of various texts ranging from modern poems to Shakespeare’s works.

Year 12 student at Broken Hill High School, and school vice-captain Eilis Quinn, said most of the questions were good.

“I had a Hamlet question on Monday that stumped me a bit. You really had to think about the characters and how their roles worked,” Eilis said.

“That whole paper was themed around discovery, and then on Tuesday we did our individuals modules with the texts our teachers picked for us to study,” she said.

“Our maths exams are next Monday and that shouldn’t be too hard for me.”

Following the core maths and English exams some students will be lucky enough to have most of the next four weeks off, but fellow BHHS school captain, Joelene Galea, said she still had several left.

She said the exams could be challenging, but she was confident in herself.

“It’s a bit hard with the time constraints when writing essays; 40 minutes isn’t always enough time to write everything you want to,” she said. “But I think I did well on Tuesday.”

The HSC results will be released on December 14.