Punters give a toss

It’s a new year, but the old game is still playing on Friday nights at the Palace.

The weekly Two Up night is well attended by regulars and tourists, as well as locals who just go for the occasional night out.

The Palace Hotel’s Esther La Rovere said they get anywhere from 40 to 80 people in for the game, watching and betting.

“There’s a very social aspect to the game, and it’s your best odds in gambling at 50/50 a spin if you’re betting around the ring,” Ms La Rovere said.

“I think what makes it so popular is that social aspect, the tradition of it and the camaraderie and rivalry.”

The game is usually run by one of the directors and a staff member, and while the Palace has a license to run it every night, Ms La Rovere said it works better one night a week.

She did say there are exceptions to that rule however.

“We have the potential to run it more nights, but to make the game work you need people who want to bet and play, and there might not be as big crowds if it ran every night,” she said.

“We do sometimes have groups that come in mid-week and ask to see the game, and if they can guarantee there are going to be people playing then we do run it for them.”

Two Up runs every Friday night from 9pm at the Palace. Anyone who thinks they or someone they know may have a problem with gambling is encouraged to call 1800 858 858.