Couple’s golden milestone

It’s an open house for David and Lyn Farquharson today as they celebrate their golden anniversary.

The couple tied the knot 50 years ago today, and in that time they’ve worked, had children, and grandchildren, built a home, battled cancer, and lived a life together.

The pair knew each other from their school days, although Lyn was in the year above David.

“He actually lived across the road from a school friend of mine, so I knew of him, but it was going to the pictures on a Friday night that we started chatting,” Lyn said.

“On a Friday night my girlfriend and I used to go to the Metropole Theatre out South, and David and his mate would meet up there, his mate had a car and we’d go for a ride in it all together during the intermission and after.

“Eventually he asked me out and we’d go out to Silverton with some other couples, out to Mt Gipps, and the ladies weren’t allowed in so they’d bring the drinks out to us in the car.”

“We went out to Mutawintji for a day and got bogged,” David added.

David was working as an apprentice with Matthews Engineering out South while the pair were courting, while Lyn was a nurse at the hospital.

The pair often had to avoid the matron’s wrath, with David sometimes being chased out of the nurse’s quarters by the matron, who would also watch sternly over the balcony when her charges came home late.

Meanwhile, David’s uncle had plans to set up a business in Tasmania, with David to follow and join.

“I said Lyn, I’m going over there and she didn’t like it so I said alright then, I’ll stay here,” David said.

“My uncle got sick at the same time so as it turned out I wouldn’t have gone anyway.”

Two years after they first started dating, David proposed. While Lyn could keep on working as a nurse, she would be permanently reassigned to night shift once married and decided she didn’t like that, and left the hospital.

The couple designed their own house a few years after they were married, after they’d had their first child.

“The foundations were dug on our son’s second birthday,” Lyn said.

“We had two boys, Robbie and Greg, Robbie passed away from cancer at 40,” she said.

Now they also have two grandchildren, Trent (14), and Keegan (10).

“There were times when we had no work and there was no money, generally when the town tradesmen were on strike which was really, really difficult.

“But we’ve managed, just starting off with the basics and now we’ve lived in this house David designed for 47 years.”

The couple are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today with family at their home.

Lyn had suggested returning to the hotel they stayed at during their honeymoon, where the Silver Haven is now, but David thought otherwise.

“I suggested we go to dinner and book the honeymoon suite, his comment was ‘can’t see the point in paying money for a bed when I’ve got one here’, the romance!”

David said his lovely wife is one of the reasons he’s still alive, and that communication is key for a healthy marriage. 

“For seven years I’ve dealt with potentially deadly skin cancers, but between the specialist in Adelaide and my lovely wife the nurse I’m still alive,” he said.

“In a marriage, there needs to be face to face communication, and you’ve got to work as a team. It’s give and take.”