Two flows in system

WaterNSW has released more flows into the Barwon-Darling river systems.

A WaterNSW spokesperson confirmed two flows have entered the river system, one naturally occurring and the other an environmental release planned by state and federal government.

The naturally occurring flow came down from Central Queensland in March and is currently flowing past Wilcannia at 30 megalitres per day.

The environmental flow was released into north-eastern NSW in late April and is expected to reach Wilcannia as a low-level flow in mid-June.

The releases are already impacting nearby water systems, with Lake Walgett up by 9cm as of last week, although towns further south are yet to see the benefits. 

WaterNSW executive manager system operations, Adrian Langdon, said WaterNSW and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) are working with companies and people to keep communication open.

Temporary pump restrictions are in place for the entire Barwon-Darling, and will remain in place until June 22. At this time water can only be taken from the river system for stock, household or town water.

“We are working hard with customers and stakeholders to ensure that both the environmental water is protected and that in the unlikely event of rainfall, other users’ rights to pump additional inflows are not affected,” Mr Langdon said.

“WaterNSW has committed additional resources to ensure the objectives of this environmental flow are fully realised,” he said.

“This is the win-win we are all striving to achieve.”