Responses to Indigenous Advisory Council’s Native Title Suggestion

In his Australia Day Speech, the head of the prime minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine, spoke about alternatives to Native Title. spoke with the founder of the First Nations Political party, Maurie Japarta Ryan, who opposes Mr Mundine’s suggestions. As a First Nations person, Maurie contests both Mr Mundine’s phrasing and proposal. Continue reading Responses to Indigenous Advisory Council’s Native Title Suggestion

Court ruling bans forced employee urine testing

After the National Association of Testing Authorities no longer provided facilities for oral testing for drugs and alcohol, NSW government-owned Endeavour Energy went to both the Fair Work Commission and the court, to try and compel their employees to submit to urine testing. The court found that urine testing was “unjust and unreasonable” as it could detect old drug or alcohol use, rather than current use. I spoke to Scott McNamara, the manager of the NSW United Services Union, about the significance of the ruling.

Mobile News Aggregators – the Way of the Future?

Introduction The convergence of mobile devices and media has been taking place since the 90’s (Westlund, 2012, pp. 6), but it is only in recent years that this merger has gained momentum. It is marked by a plethora of news aggregation sites springing into existence, all promoting their specific algorithms or layouts as the most desirable. A recent development in the market has been the rise of mobile news aggregation platforms, developed both by already established information and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, or more recent start ups such as Flipboard and Pinterest.

The State of Child Psychiatry

A look at child and adolescent psychiatry, from the point of view of a patient, their parent, and a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist interviewed, Dr Joanne Sargeant, works at the privately owned clinic Social and Emotional Wellbeing for Children and Adolescents. Continue reading The State of Child Psychiatry

Article Pitch

Part of my journalism course involves submitting a pitch for each article we create. Below is the pitch for my next article, which I’m in the process of finishing. I have an article about the recent IT Pricing Inquiry, but focusing specifically on Adobe, and university students. My article looks at how higher prices in Australia for Adobe products affect university students, and have the potential to put them at a disadvantage on the global stage. This article has a fresh perspective on the Pricing Inquiry, in examining the ramifications of international pricing discrimination with regards to Australian university students, and how this may under prepare them for real-world occupations. This topic is also relevant in the light of the funding cuts that Australian universities will soon be facing, as the proposed cuts will make it even harder for university students to access the expensive technologies and equipment they need to complete their courses.

“I am more than just my breasts” – Keep a Breast campaign is anything but supportive.

Sarah Woods* is your typical 16-year-old girl: she goes to school, she runs a blog, and she dyes her hair. She cares about her family, and deeply loves her 80-year-old grandmother. But beyond that, she is acutely aware of the devastating effect breast cancer has on the families of those suffering. In 2010 Sarah’s grandmother, along with 13,700 other Australians, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately she is in remission, meaning she is beating the cancer, but she and her family, like so many other Australians, have had to endure years of pain and worry due to this insidious disease. Continue reading “I am more than just my breasts” – Keep a Breast campaign is anything but supportive.

University of Queensland Headlines 2012


Radio Newscast

Attached is a radio newscast I edited for my first radio assignment at the University of Queensland (UQ). The task was to compile a 40 second news package ourselves, then include packages from three other people and edit them into a single newcast. The focus was on news at UQ. My interview is the second news item in the piece.

Road Rescue Underway

This article was written in early 2012 and has been reposted here for posterity. It has been more than four months since sections of Cedar Creek Road, in Cedar Creek, were utterly ruined by torrential rain and flooding. However as of the 2nd of April, the local council has sent out workers to repair the worst of the damage. Council has estimated that the works will take 3 months to complete, weather permitting, with work taking place between 7am and 6pm. In a notice sent out to locals, residents were informed the works would involve road repairs, including resurfacing, stabilisation and the regrading of table drains, and the removal of some foliage. Residents have been asked not to park their cars on the side of the road for the duration of the road works.