Commission reveals mental health problems in outback Australia

The National Mental Health Commission released their latest report in April this year, and it revealed that rural & regional Australians are increasingly being forgotten or under-supported by our healthcare system. I spoke to David Butt, CEO of the Commission, about the report’s findings, and what can be done to address this issue. Continue reading Commission reveals mental health problems in outback Australia

4zzz Headlines (Pt. 19)

– QBCC to replace BSA today
– Thai protestors call for PM’s resignation
– G20 dissent grouped formed in Brisbane
– Roving crime inquiry announced for 2014
– New river management plans underway
– SA hospitals risking patient deaths with old tech Continue reading 4zzz Headlines (Pt. 19)

4zzz Headlines (Pt. 10)

– Moai Statues are Disappearing
– Pride Backlash Over LNP MP
– 60% of Queensland in Drought, Figures Show
– River Symposium Kicks Off
– Syrian Opposition to Enter Peace Talks
– Low Koala Numbers Prompts Calls for Sanctuary Continue reading 4zzz Headlines (Pt. 10)

4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 8)

– Freedom Flotilla Faces Armed Resistance
– UQU Now ‘Reformed’
– New Research Into Causes of LGBTI Suicide
– Shock Find of New Van Gogh
– State Government Slashing Funds From Cross-River Rail
– Qld Suicide Rates Slowly Dropping
– Australia Bids Farewell to Last F-111
– Lead Monitoring Offline in Mt Isa Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 8)

4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 6)

– Moreton Federal Candidates Debate
– Platypus Deaths Sparks Demand for Law Reform
– Aussies Losing Battle of the Bulge
– Aussie Fishers Demand Recognition
– New Papers Show Communication Between Settlers and Indigenous Australians
– Cancer Drug to be Subsidised
– Brisbane Festival Light Show to Have New Twist Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 6)

4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 5)

– Queensland Multicultural Week Nearing
– Report Released on Australian Air Quality
– Recreational Fishing Survey Released
– ‘The Queensland Plan’ Deadline Looms
– New Initiative for Young Tech-Heads
– Nigerian Islamist Leader Shot Dead
– New Hope For Breast Cancer Patients
– $100,000 Funding Announced for Fortitude Valley
– Journalist’s Partner Held for Nine Hours (and the journalists’s response) Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 5)

4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 4)

– New Maps for Brisbane Cyclists
– RACQ Condemns Electronic Billboards
– Dairy Farmers Hard Hit by Price Wars
– Obama Promises NSA Review
– ‘Super Honey’ Heals Wounds
– New Cicada in the News
– 44 Killed in Nigerian Mosque
– Greens Demand: Let the Children Go
– Bradley Manning Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 4)

4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 3)

– Syrian Rebels Launch Attack On Presidential Supporters
– World’s First Lab-grown Burger Taste Tested
– New Drug Holds Hope for Breast Cancer Patients
– Peter Slipper to Re-contest Seat of Fisher
– Iconic US Newspaper Sold to American Entrepreneur
– Brothel Owners Call For Review
– Problem Gamblers Lining Casinos’ Pockets
– ‘Coq au Vin’ Revealed to Public
– Solar Power on the Rise Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 3)

4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 2)

– Freedom Flotilla Welcomed To Brisbane.
– Painkiller Misuse Cause Of Deaths In Outback NSW
– Anti-Hendra research set back by six months
– UQ Union Elections Underway
– Brisbane oil spill ensnares birds
– Mars rover to celebrate arrival anniversary Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 2)