Aussie foster care separating siblings

The Create Foundation’s June survey found that what most foster care children want is to be with their brothers and sisters. Sadly, over a third of children in foster care are separated from their siblings, and over a third of children aren’t placed with all of their siblings. I spoke to the lead researcher with the Create Foundation, Dr Joseph McDowall, about what this means, and ways Australia can improve.

Uniting Justice raises concerns over Nauru law changes

I spoke to acting National Director of Uniting Justice Australia, Rosemary Hudson-Miller, about Nauru’s new immigration laws. These changes mean asylum seekers can be deported without notice, and without appeal. Continue reading Uniting Justice raises concerns over Nauru law changes

University of Queensland Headlines 2012


Radio Newscast

Attached is a radio newscast I edited for my first radio assignment at the University of Queensland (UQ). The task was to compile a 40 second news package ourselves, then include packages from three other people and edit them into a single newcast. The focus was on news at UQ. My interview is the second news item in the piece.