4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 2)

– Freedom Flotilla Welcomed To Brisbane.
– Painkiller Misuse Cause Of Deaths In Outback NSW
– Anti-Hendra research set back by six months
– UQ Union Elections Underway
– Brisbane oil spill ensnares birds
– Mars rover to celebrate arrival anniversary Continue reading 4ZZZ Headlines (Pt. 2)

International Price Discrimination: Exaggeration or a Fact?

This article is a expanded version of the radio piece I compiled on Adobe products and the IT Pricing Inquiry.

In late July last year a national IT pricing inquiry was begun to examine what the consumer advocate Choice has called ‘international price discrimination’; when international businesses such as Apple, Microsoft and Adobe charge more in an Australian market for their goods and services. Continue reading International Price Discrimination: Exaggeration or a Fact?

International Price Discrimination: Exaggeration or Fact? (audio)

In light of the recent IT Pricing Inquiry, I compiled an audio package on how the high price of Adobe products in Australia may affect students. Unfortunately this piece is a little rougher than I would have liked, but given it’s my first attempt at a current affairs style piece I’m still pleased with it. This piece is a continuation of the article I mentioned in the previous post.