Public Health Association calls for ‘sensible alcohol polices’

The CEO of the Public Health Association of Australia, Michael Moore, is calling on the government to adopt sensible alcohol policies to prevent unnecessary emergency visits and take pressure off hospitals. I spoke to him about this stance, and some of the statistics regarding alcohol and its relation to hospital visits.

Public Health Association welcomes new plan for Indigenous health

The Public Health Association of Australia has welcomed the release of the Implementation Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. The vice president of the PHAA, Professor Carmen Parter, says the plan provides governments, policy makers and service providers with an opportunity to make real change in the health disparities and outcomes experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Leaked TPP agreement raises concerns

The release of the Trans Pacific Partnership’s completed intellectual property chapter by Wikileaks on 10 October has raised fresh alarm amongst health organisations. The legal text agreed between the twelve countries at the conclusion of negotiations includes many provisions that appear harmful by reducing access to affordable medicines at the global level, resulting in much avoidable suffering and death. I spoke to Dr Deborah Gleeson, spokesperson for Public Health Association of Australia, about the issue.