4zzz Headlines (Pt. 21)

– Charges dropped for Talisman Saver protestors
– WA Greens condemn shark drum lines
– Greens call for inquiry into Manus Island clash
– Egypt files claim with ICC against their military
– Migrants protest Israel’s detention policy
– Lebanese refugees want to go home: Dr Rifi
– ACCC chairman calls for more government privatisation
– Sudan and South Sudan join to protect oilfields
– Hamas PM announces clemency for Fatah Continue reading 4zzz Headlines (Pt. 21)

More than a garden: the UQ Community Garden Association

An interview with the president of the University of Queensland Campus Community Garden Association, to talk about the association’s goals and plans for the future. Featured in the story: President of the UQ Campus Community Garden Association; Claire Bridges, and three UQ students.

University of Queensland Headlines 2012


Radio Newscast

Attached is a radio newscast I edited for my first radio assignment at the University of Queensland (UQ). The task was to compile a 40 second news package ourselves, then include packages from three other people and edit them into a single newcast. The focus was on news at UQ. My interview is the second news item in the piece.