Who runs the world?

International Women’s Day encourages discussion on creative ways to combat gender inequality. Dr Leah Ruppanner has written an article offering community-based ideas for equalising gender relations and improving the status of families.  She says the battle for gender equality is not a battle of people but a battle of ideas.

Senate to investigate changes to workplace leave

The Green’s have commended the senate’s move to open an inquiry into a National Portable Entitlements Scheme. The inquiry would examine the possibility of changing long service leave, so that workers’ time is counted across their total employment time in the industry, rather than their time in one particular job. Greens Employment and Workplace Relations spokesperson Adam Bandt says the inquiry is something the Greens have been working towards for a long time now.

Concerns raised over proposed Sunday rates cuts

NSW Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon has voiced her concern about the impact the loss of penalty rates will have on living standards, and has called on Liberal MPs to publicly oppose the push to remove penalty rates and change the minimum wage. She says, “Penalty rates are an essential work right that compensate people for working unsociable hours when most people have time off”.