Interior gas bottle causes house fire

Firefighters were called to a house in Gaffney Lane yesterday afternoon after a nine kilo gas bottle connected to a heater caught fire.

The fire destroyed some of the living room, and seared gas hoses and taps, causing gas to uncontrollably vent into the house.

The house was occupied by one man who called the fire brigade as soon as he noticed the fire.

Fire station officer Matt Hunter praised the homeowner for his actions.

“(The man) did exactly the right thing; he exited the building, rang the fire brigade, and we came down and he met us out front,” SO Hunter said.

“We sent some crews in with a line of hose and they were able to extinguish the blaze and remove the gas cylinder.”

Fire crews controlled the gas ventilation process with water sprays and strategically placed gas detectors to ensure the gas eventually dissipated.

Traffic was directed away from Gaffney Lane during the emergency.

SO Hunter warned the public of the dangers of keeping gas bottles in the home.

“Gas bottles aren’t supposed to be inside – use them outside the building, and don’t use them to heat small heaters in the house.” He said.

“Even when they’re functioning properly there’s a risk of carbon monoxide building up in enclosed spaces, so don’t use them inside.”